Environmentally Friendly

scrap car london1 Scrap Car are an Environmentally Conscious company. Ensuring that we dispose of vehicles in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, minimising the impact to the environment is of the utmost importance to us.

There are strict UK and European Regulations for the disposal of scrap vehicles, and as an Approved and Registered Scrap Car Disposal Specialist you can feel assured that scrapping your car with us will be an Eco Friendly decision. Our disposal processes are approved by the Department of The Environment.

In excess of 2 million cars require scrapping each year in the UK – and it goes without saying that if these vehicles were not disposed of in a Safe and Eco Friendly way, the impact on the environment would be significant.

The primary way to ensure that the impact to the environment is minimised is to Recycle and Re-Use as much of the vehicle and its fittings as possible. UK and European directives state that more than 74% of every scrapped vehicle should be Reused or Recycled.

We regularly monitor the environmental performance of our operation in order to ensure that we meet the UK and EU car scrappage guidelines.

> The environmentally friendly scrapping process :

- Tyres and other major non-metallic fittings are removed from the vehicle. Tyres / wheels can either be re-used as they are if in a good condition, or melted down and re-moulded.

- All fluids are drained from the vehicle and re-used where possible. For instance, if a vehicle contains petrol or diesel this can be drained and reused, as well as engine oil and brake fluids. Water is disposed of – but of course has no negative impact to the environment.

- Once the car is stripped and drained, the main metallic body is taken to a Registered Recycling Plant to be crushed.

- Crushed vehicles can either then be taken elsewhere in the UK to be melted down for recycling, or are shipped in bulk to other areas of the world such as China and India.

> Choosing 1 Scrap Car is an Environmentally Friendly decision. So submit an enquiry online, or call us on 07951 861 891.