Scrap Car – it doesn’t have to be waste

Unfortunately, all cars have a limited life span – they don’t last forever. As your car gets older, the chances of it packing in or becoming defective become greater. Having a car that cannot serve its purpose can be a real hindrance for people and it can only have a negative effect on their lives. People should dispose of their scrap cars in order to help them eliminate their problem, and move on. But disposing of a car is not as simple as throwing it in the rubbish bin!

There are companies out there which offer a scrap car service, either disposing of your car for free or offering a small sum of cash for your redundant car. In London there are several firms offering a similar type of scrap car removal service, but one such firm is Scrap A Car London. Although the name seems to suggest that they only cover London, they do in fact cover London and the South East. As well as cars, Scrap Car London also offer to dispose of other vehicles (and machinery). For instance vans, motorbikes, scooters etc…

Scrap a Car London can offer solutions to people who want to dispose of their cars either for free or to obtain some cash for their scrap car, all with the re-assurance that their car will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. The amount of cash you may receive is dependent on a number of factors, including the condition of your car, the weight etc…

Scrap A Car London pride themselves on offering a fast, friendly and efficient service – usually able to come out and collect your vehicle the same day you contact them. As a registered scrap car disposal company, you can feel assured their service is going to be in line with EU Scrap Disposal Regulations.

One important consideration when you scrap a car (or other registered vehicle) is to make sure that the handover is completed in an official manner, as the registered keeper of a vehicle can be liable for any damage caused by the vehicle or any fines relating to the vehicle. Therefore, it is important that the correct DVLA notification procedure is followed when you pass your car to another party.

From the DVLA website :

“You must notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) immediately of the exact date of sale or transfer of your vehicle using the registration document or certificate. You and the buyer should follow the procedures correctly or you will remain liable for the vehicle until DVLA records have been updated.”

Scrap a Car London always ensure that they follow the correct DVLA handover process, for your assurance.