The Scrap Car Process Explained

> The following is a brief step by step guide to the environmentally friendly scrap car process we follow to collect and dispose of a scrap car :

  • You have 3 ways to initiate a scrap car enquiry.
  1. Complete our short online enquiry form – Click Here.
  2. Email Us – Click Here.
  3. Phone us on 07951 861 891.

*Provide us with as much information about your vehicle as possible, particularly the make / model.

* Please make sure you include your post code.

  • Before we come out to collect your vehicle, we will need to speak to you on the phone. We will agree to either collect and remove your vehicle for FREE, or Pay You a sum in Cash for your scrap vehicle.

*We make money depending on the make / model of the vehicle and the scrap metal weight. We will be transparent with you about what we will make – and simply want to agree a fair deal to dispose of our vehicle in an environmentally friendly manner.

*Things like the distance we have to travel to collect and dispose of your vehicle will of course impact any cash payment to you.

*Please provide all details in a correct and honest manner to avoid complication on collection.

  • We will arrange a convenient time to come out and collect your vehicle. This is usually the same day if that is convenient for you.
  • Once we arrive, all paperwork is completed and the vehicle is loaded onto the Scrap Car pickup truck. You will need to have the log book of the vehicle ready for collection. We cannot collect any vehicle that does not have a corresponding log book, as you need to prove you are the legal holder of the vehicle.

*Alternatively, you can call DVLA to inform them that you have passed the vehicle to a 3rd party for disposal. You can read more about the DVLA process here.

* We will leave you with the Section 9 form that you need to send off to DVLA immediately.

  • Your vehicle will then be transferred to our storage depot ready for depollution. The depollution process involves removing all liquids (oil / fuel / brake fluid etc…) from the vehicle, removing the tyres, battery and any other major non-metallic or hazardous parts preparing the vehicle for the scrap metal recycling process.
  • Your vehicle is then crushed at an approved recycling plant and the DVLA are notified electronically.
  • You will then receive a letter in 4-6 weeks confirming your vehicle is de-registered.

> Read more about the environmental friendly disposal process we follow.

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