What is a Log Book?

Your Vehicle ‘Log Book’, otherwise known as your Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) document, is the official DVLA record of the current and previous legal owners and holders of a vehicle. It gives a record from the time the vehicle was first registered as to its history of ownership and holders. Sometimes someone can ‘hold’ a vehicle without actually being registered as an ‘owner’ on the Log Book; for instance a car dealership that is selling the vehicle.

log book imageThe term ‘log book’ is slightly confusing – as it is not actually a ‘book’. Here are some images of what your ‘log book’ looks like.

The legal holder of a vehicle is legally responsible for that vehicle. For instance, if the vehicle was used in a crime or parked illegally – there would be repercussions for the legal registered vehicle holder.

Therefore it is highly important that when you pass a vehicle to ANY 3rd party, you notify the DVLA of this. You can do this by completing Section 9 of your Log Book and sending it to DVLA. Or alternatively, you can call DVLA.

> Here is a link to the DVLA website.